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Shared values and PR: How to strengthen your connection with clients

Suppliers Declare round table

We know social movements are important, but as a busy bee business owner, you may be short of time. This can impact your ability to start a movement, no matter how devoted you are to the cause (this is where we come in).

At Yellowpanda, we love to know what else our clients are passionate about besides their business. It helps us get to know them on a deeper level and learn what makes them tick.

Not only do we want to know, but consumers are also becoming increasingly interested in a brand’s story. 

Brand storytelling makes you more favourable and can make you 22 times more memorable than brands that rely on sharing facts with their audience.  

Last year we helped long term client Leigh Rust initiate the Suppliers Declare movement for the Supply and Manufacturing industry. As the co-founder and CEO of Safetyline Jalousie - who produce louvre windows that are well known for challenging and overcoming the design, safety and security limitation of conventional louvres - Leigh is passionate about the future of sustainability in his industry. 

Noticing a white space in the sustainability movements, Suppliers Declare was the next natural step for the Sydney based CEO. In February, Leigh travelled to the Gold Coast to co-host a round table event for sustainability in the supply and manufacturing industry. 

But with so many firms recognising the importance of sustainability and claiming to support it, highlighting what makes your business stand out is vital for business owners and their marketing teams. 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, but authenticity is your greatest power. When you’re speaking from the heart, not only is it easy, but it also resonates with others. This is important when talking about sustainability (or any cause), and is what PR can help you share with the world. 

Leigh Rust and Amanda Williams at the Suppliers Declare round table

With our help, Leigh could demonstrate his thought leadership which was a great opportunity to show his expertise and why he pioneered a sustainable message for his business. This also showed the media his genuine interest in sustainability.

Believing in and supporting causes is important for investors and consumers. In fact, an IBM report found that 93% of consumers feel that the pandemic has affected their views on environmental sustainability, including their decision to buy from certain brands. 

So, it is more imperative than ever to almost ‘showcase’ what you value, so that customers, investors, and other stakeholders strengthen their connection with you. But remember, that humans value authenticity above all else!

But sometimes knowing how to present yourself authentically and in a positive light is difficult to do correctly - especially if you have the tendency to be humble. 

If you think we can help better represent your values, brand identity and YOU better, reach out.

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