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Welcome onboard, XKal Fitness!

You haven't heard about them yet. But you will soon.

An Australian, Melbourne-based fitness start-up, XKal Fitness, has joined the Yellowpanda fold. 

After meeting with the company’s founder in Melbourne, Yellowpanda has been engaged to run lead on the company’s social media accounts - assisting in a fundamental step involved in launching a brand to market.

While we can't reveal too much yet, the company is in a class of its own - offering a form of fitness technology not seen before. 

This isn’t our first time partnering with a brand launching to market, either.

Our experience in the start-up space, combined with our innovative approach to branding will allow us to create a strong social presence for XKal Fitness.

We know that how you appear online needs to leave a strong first impression on prospective clients, and we look forward to helping this great brand stand out and hit the ground running. 

With a strong team on board, and relationships established with some big names in the fitness industry - XKal Fitness is breaking some incredible ground which Yellowpanda is excited to be part of.

Stay tuned for updates on the company’s launch and the great work we achieve on their behalf.