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How to rise above the noise through consistent content creation

More than 2.5 exabytes (2.5 billion gigabytes) of data is generated every single day.

For context, Cloudtweaks suggest that 1 exabyte is equivalent to about 3000 times the entire content of the Library of Congress.

That is a hell of a lot of content for our brains to register.

And for the most part, we’re not even conscious of the messaging despite the fact that the average daily social media usage of internet users alone amounts to 147 minutes a day.

It's why the average person needs to be exposed to the key messaging in content at least 7 times before it makes an impact.

At Yellowpanda we know the importance of being heard above the noise, that’s why we always emphasise the importance of consistent key messaging to all of our clients.

However, there is a difference between showing up consistently, and well, showing up consistently with (excuse the french) pretty bleugh content.

Consistent, on-brand messaging helps you achieve the following three things:

  • Credibility and trustworthiness 
  • Connection with your target audience
  • The opportunity to share your value proposition 

Your brand is your most important asset. It is how your current and prospective clients view you. 

To put it simply, your brand is your business personified.

According to Technipedia, consistent brands are worth 20 per cent more than those with inconsistent messaging and branding. So it translates directly to your monetary value, as well as the value you provide your customers - the two go hand in hand. 

Providing them with what they are looking for - whether that be education, entertainment, or something else. Knowing your target audience inside-out isn’t optional - it’s 100% necessary. 

You need branding pros to help you maintain a consistent front, right from your website homepage through to the tone of the language used in your Instagram replies. 

How to be more consistent with your key messages

The first step is to revisit your brand’s core messages. 

This includes your mission statement, goals and objectives. Are these accurate? Are they defined correctly? Do they have a strong call to action? Do they resonate with your target audience? If not, you need to jump into construction mode ASAP.

Once you have identified your key messages, you can filter them through your business. They need to guide both your internal and external communications.

Something to keep in mind is that actions are stronger than words! Sharing your goal or mission is one thing, how you get there and what you do is another. 

We’ve used “consistent” pretty consistently here in the hope that you remember consistency is key! Producing A+ content sporadically defeats the purpose. 

Rather aim to be B+ all the time and cut through the noise. Be consistent, concise and compelling.